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Juno Professional Services:

$30 to $75 per hour based upon required skill level

  • Custom application design, development & integration
  • Accounting and operations systems audit and analysis
  • Website development, customization & graphic arts
  • Needs assessment and action prioritization
  • Security analysis and contingency planning

  • Managed by veteran accounting, operations and IT professionals

    You choose either fixed or hourly based pricing

    We integrate Google office automation and merchant services with your solution. Learn more

    OpenSource Applications Include:

    SugarCRM: Sales Force and Customer Relationship Management

    Phreedom: CRM, G/L, A/P, A/R, Inventory, H/R, Bank Recon, Reporting, Sales Processing

    FrontAccounting: G/L, A/P, A/R, Inventory, Job Cost, Bank Recon, Reporting, Sales Processing

    Website, Email, MySQL, FTP, and Site Manager.

    Nearly any PHP application.

    Modules built to suit your needs:

    Industry Adapted Modules: Service, Retail, Manufacturng, Nonprofit, Distritbution, Contruction, Utility, Rental, Delivery, Hybrid

    True ownership of your business process:

    Standards based open source secured data environment

    Communicate in the common language of the internet without barriers. Use PHP, MySQL and the vast resources of the internet to own your business process.

    The internet browser offers unparalled efficiency in acquiring and conducting business. Access critical business information securely via smartphone, desktop, tablet or notebook.

    We offer you the tools and share the knowledge to take your business safely to the internet by prescribing an environment that flexes to your priorities based on open standards. Our value is providing the expertise to obtain your solution on your terms. You choose the resources to meet your needs.

    Adopt the design that caters to your customers, vendors, and employees while allowing you tight controls over your business transactions. Anywhere, anytime.

    You leverage (free) open source software and (affordable) support to utilize common technologies for communicating in an accountable and transparent manner among all parties to your business.

    We endeavor to simplify the inheritantly complicated process of building your solution.